Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness

Archadia are interested in the findings of the House of Lords Committee on Intergenerational Fairness and Provisions.  Their report ‘Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness’ was published on the 25 April 2019.

Only 11% of Local Plans having specific Policies to address older people’s housing needs with only four per cent of plans including land allocations for housing for older people. This is despite the expectation that 30 per cent of the population will be over 65 by 2036.  More needs to be done.  Archadia have worked with many different organisations specialising in retirement housing, extra care housing and affordable housing.  

The report identifies one simple quick fix as far as the Interpretation of the Use Class Order.   The Government should issue guidance clarifying that extra care retirement communities fall within the C2 use class as they are capable of delivering high levels of care to older people and so should be treated as the same planning use class as care homes.

The Lords call upon Local Authorities to take more direct action.  They accept Planning Guidance is long overdue and the MHCLG should grasp the opportunity to boost much needed retirement community housing and improve the lives of older people and younger people alike.  Planning for all ages requires including attractive and accessible public space and facilities.

The Committee recommends that local authorities should be given a presumption to develop on land owned by public sector bodies.  So that local Authorities are empowered to ensure that development on public land takes place to meet the social needs of the area.

Archadia will continue their work to design better environments to help older people live with dignity.  Our expertise lies in providing specialist housing for older people and people with disabilities.  Several of our specialist housing projects have won awards.