West Waddy Leading Discussion On Planning Policy Reforms

Great to see Philip Waddy, from West Waddy actively leading discussions on the future of the architectural and planning profession. Philip Waddy spoke at a Westminster briefing on Planning Policy Reforms Under the New Government in his role as Chair, RIBA National Planning Group. The seminar focussed upon means of speeding up the planning system. It is evident that we need to be reform in order to reduce delays and create a consistent approach. The briefing discussed the new Governments pledge “to pursue a programme of further deregulation and simplification of the planning system combined with heavy investment in infrastructure. Details include reforms in order to reach the target of 300,000 homes per year by the mid-2020’s, the simplification of the planning system through an Accelerated Planning White Paper and amendments to planning rules to ensure ‘infrastructure first’ before people move into an area.” The aim of the briefing was to understand the priorities, explore and examine the proposal and how it will stream line the planning process and finally review the national infrastructure priorities.